Welcome to Arimea, Land of Dragons

Introduction The World: Arimea Races and Classes The Claymore Order The Dragons

The world you have stepped into is a vast and dangerous one. Many worlds are patron to Dragons, but only on Arimea are they considered citizens. Dragons have thrived in the land of Arimea through their partial integration into the Human society. Dragons, many of which have humanoid forms, have taken on positions in the human way of life. Dragons are an every day sight in Arimea, as are their half-human or half-elf offspring, Half dragons or Draconi.

You and your fellows belong to an Order called the Claymores, who keep the dragons in check. The Claymores are an old Order, one who train their members well in the art of fighting, and slaying, Dragonkind. It is a tenuous relationship that the Order has with the Dragons of Arimea, and there are times when the whole world feels the strain of that relationship.

Ballad of the Claymores

Claymores banner