Ballad of the Claymores

To Ashes

The Claymores Clavellie, Frost, and Tailos were surprised to discover the arrival of another Claymore: Jace Rosenstele. Jace was discovered burning down the Wilde house, along with any other evidence that might have been there. Audrey Wilde was still nowhere to be found.

Leaving behind this unwholesome mystery, the group made their way back to River Watch, where they reported back to Garland. Garland praised their diligence in his own way, and sent them on their way. after a little investigation on the artifacts retrieved from the Wilde Estate, the group set out for a journey to complete another Claymore Quest, with a much needed stop for information along the way at Oldwood.

after a little rest It will be off to Illitia to acquire Bith the White’s body and effects. Meanwhile a question stirs that threatens to split the remaining party in two.



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