NPC Cache - Creston

NPCs of Creston


Map of Creston

The Blackguard’s Reprieve – Inn
Angelica: Haughty young barkeep living and working in the Blackguard’s Reprieve.
Augustina: Old crone who owns the inn. likes to flirt with the wayward men. Angelica’s mother.

Damon Greygavel: Grizzled, quiet man who loves his work, and his daughter, with everything he has.
Orrika Greygavel: Quaint young girl with a talented arm for working the forge, as well as for the arts of combat

Warren Glumm: A secretive and silent old coot who likes dead things just a little too much

General Goods
Adra Gully: Once married, once divorced, Adra is an opinionated and strong woman, independent as they come.
Indra Gully: Young daughter of Adra and her now deceased husband Rodrick, Indra is a passive and quiet young girl who prefers the company of herself over others.

Lanks Pilar: A gnome with a studious and industrious glimmer in his eye. He fancies himself an adventurer, but he has been in this town as a carpenter for over ten years. Still he professes that one day he will leave this “dusty burg” behind and find his fortune.

Creston Watch
Dravin: Captain of the local Watch, he’s the one who sent the request for Claymores.

Market circle
Alma: Sells fruits and vegetables in her stall
Orrika: Sells armor and weapons at her father’s stall
Ogrett: Sells linens at her stall
Oliver: Sells wines at his stall

Widow Audrey Wilde: A young woman who’s husband has just died, and who has been said to already be in courting with another man, Arthur Cuthbert.
Arthur Cuthbert: A young, enterprising young landowner who has been courting the young Widow Wilde in an attempt to add her sizable lands to his own.
Alma Adler: A middle-aged woman with two sons who live with her on her farm. She sells her crops at the market in town
Ogrett Millis: A squatt dwarf woman who sell and crafts linnens at her human husband’s homestead of Elderburr. The elderburr estate is a mill and also produces wheat and barley.
Aaron Gregor: His son Oliver sells the wine produced from his vineyard on the outskirts of Creston.


NPC Cache - Creston

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