NPC Cache - Illiria

The NPCs of Illiria


House Illiriam

Lord Ravon – Lord of Illiria, and warden absolute of the province of Adrillani. He’s a weathered old elf who leads an active social life despite his high position.

Lady Iva – Lady of Adrillani, and wife of Lord Ravon, Lady Iva is a soft-spoken, but strong-hearted woman, with a tempered fury that few have the misfortune to see.

Adril – Eldest son of Lord Ravon, and Heir to the great house of Illiriam. He is a strong Elf with highly traditional values.

Lain – Second eldest son, and chief archivist of the region. His love of facts and knowledge, and spends much of his time acting as an ambassador for his house.

Avia and Oria – Twin girls, both very young, both very artistic, but while Avia is a little eccentric and loves to paint, Oria is very detail-oriented, and prefers building things.

Gaia – Ravon’s youngest daughter, Gaia is an energetic young infant who continually eludes nursemaids.


Elirund Viila (Sun Elf) – The Town’s new Smith. He’s a mute whose tongue was removed sometime before arriving. No one in town knows why or how his tongue was removed, but make no mistake – His weapons and armor or second to none.

Eiko Remitar (Half-elf) – The town’s chief seamstress and fashion expert. She also makes enchanted
clothing and makes Lightweave Armor.

Ladrus Guise (Dragon) – Advisor to Lord Ravon. He’s a shifty-eyed young dragon who speaks with authority beyond his years. Many in Illiria don’t trust him, but the Lord trusts him implicitly.

Ike Idris (Elf) – An expert swordsman turned weapon merchant. He is currently visiting the town with his wares. He has many blades from all sorts of places, some of them more dangerous than others.


NPC Cache - Illiria

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