Ballad of the Claymores

The Weeping Willow
Or, A Solemn Homecoming

Having reached their destination of Illiria, The gang went their separate ways to investigate the city. Clavellie learned that her old home is now the smithy of a mute Elf who was once part of Six finger’s crew. Unfortunately, he had little information for the woman regarding the man’s whereabouts.

Tailos, finding his half-brother Lain, and second son of the house Illiriam, was tasked with finding the first son, and heir, Adril, and bringing him home from Ashmoor, as he unexpectedly eloped with a lady friend.

Frost got beat up, and showed his worth to members of the Illiria Hold guard, and found out about a Worg training camp run by half-orcs, who he proceeded to goad into allowing him to break one of their Worgs, Buttercup. He later brought Tailos, who befriended a much larger Worg, Dominus.

After a touching team-building conversation about broken hearts and broken pasts (Mostly Frost’s), The group agreed to take Frost to see the Moon Knights on their way to Ashmoor, to run errands for Tailos (what could those be??). Meanwhile, Jace completed the mission by taking the cart with the dead Claymore’s body back to River Watch, allowing the others to continue on their own personal quest.

An unexpected arrival of Jace’s (supposedly dead) Twin sister, Cadence, led to an unlikely new party member, seemingly trading one for the other. She also, happens to know where the Moon Knight Temple is. Coincidence? or Just clever plot development? or perhaps something more sinister. Only Time will tell.

To Ashes

The Claymores Clavellie, Frost, and Tailos were surprised to discover the arrival of another Claymore: Jace Rosenstele. Jace was discovered burning down the Wilde house, along with any other evidence that might have been there. Audrey Wilde was still nowhere to be found.

Leaving behind this unwholesome mystery, the group made their way back to River Watch, where they reported back to Garland. Garland praised their diligence in his own way, and sent them on their way. after a little investigation on the artifacts retrieved from the Wilde Estate, the group set out for a journey to complete another Claymore Quest, with a much needed stop for information along the way at Oldwood.

after a little rest It will be off to Illitia to acquire Bith the White’s body and effects. Meanwhile a question stirs that threatens to split the remaining party in two.

Dust and Shadows
The Widow's Mansion

The party was investigating a report of small draconic creatures destroying the crops and livestock of a local farmstead in Creston. To their surprise, the real menace was something much different. When they arrived, it was the Dragons that were scared. Upon investigating the Wilde mansion, the party discovered strange mannequin creatures that moved like real people, but were reluctant to move when viewed.

The mansion was filled with all manner of strange magical devices and secret alcoves and cryptic messages. The Claymores discovered the following artifacts in their investigation

♦ Strange, Ornate, magical sword
♦ Bizarre red gem

♦ Note
♦ Mysterious Black Book

♦ Weird necromantic dagger

First Steps

Clavellie, Allurah, Tailos, and Frost trained in the yard, had a hard time against the Claymore’s Training Constructs. They were sent on their first mission: to investigate a report of small dragons destroying people’s crops.

Birth of a new generation

Three new adventurers saw the light of a new day

Tailos, the half-elf Druid
Allurah, the Tiefling Sorceress/Rogue
Clavelie, the Elven Swashbuckler

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