Tag: Adventure Log


  • Prologue

    Three new adventurers saw the light of a new day Tailos, the half-elf Druid Allurah, the Tiefling Sorceress/Rogue Clavelie, the Elven Swashbuckler

  • First Steps

    Clavellie, Allurah, Tailos, and Frost trained in the yard, had a hard time against the Claymore's Training Constructs. They were sent on their first mission: to investigate a report of small dragons destroying people's crops.

  • Dust and Shadows

    The party was investigating a report of small draconic creatures destroying the crops and livestock of a local farmstead in Creston. To their surprise, the real menace was something much different. When they arrived, it was the Dragons that were scared. …

  • To Ashes

    The Claymores Clavellie, Frost, and Tailos were surprised to discover the arrival of another Claymore: Jace Rosenstele. Jace was discovered burning down the Wilde house, along with any other evidence that might have been there. Audrey Wilde was still …