Adrelani Houses

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House Teriel

Hold Capitol: Adrelani

The Ruling Family of the Adrelani Province. They inherited the Rooftop keep of Adrelani from the family who gave it it’s name. The last Adrelani princess wed the keep into the Teriel house generations ago. Still, the House of Teriel has ruled well, and many of the old elvish houses patron to them are happy to call them liege.

Adrelani is a beautiful old treetop manor, surrounded for miles on all sides by the steelewood homes of it’s citizens. Their wealth is in the selling of their Steelewood, a strong and sturdy wood harvested from their magic-soaked trees. The Adrelani have spent years honing the craft of tempering and shaping the wood. No other house has the knowledge or skill to produce the product.

House Illiriam

Hold Capitol: Illiria

The second largest house of Adrelani. One of the few houses that build their homes on the ground beneath the trees of the forests, House Illiriam is the main trade hold that maintains trade from Ashmoor. This trade has made them one of the most wealthy and well-thought of houses in Adrelani; the unofficial face of Elvendom as it is the populace which a traveler is most likely to encounter on their journey. Thier Elder Lord is said to be a very social Elf lord in his spare time, but maintains a very strict and traditional household. His wife and companion is a tall, harsh woman who very fervently uphold all the elven traditions she learned as a lady of Oldwood.

House Atrelyn

Hold Capitol: Oldwood

The oldest house in Adrelani, home to many scholars, elders, and practitioners of magic. It is the single greatest collection of historical and magical knowledge in the world, called the Athenaeum of Life and the Athenaeum of Blood respectively. Elves from this woodland Hold are well versed in history, magic, and geography. They also have the tendency to be Elitist and narcissistic.

House Milear

Hold Capitol: High Tower

High Tower is the chief barracks and training center for the Elvish Alliance. Their family have a long history of military leaders, hunters, and even a few Claymores. The House of Milear manages all trade between Adrelani and the northshore. Nothshore uses much of Adrelani’s Steelewood to make the ships for their armadas.

Adrelani Houses

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