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A brief history of the Order

The Original order of the Claymores was founded several ages ago, and they were trained to hunt all manner of dark beast, extinguishing them without mercy or remorse. They were the best of the best, but they fell into disarray when a time of war fell upon the citizens of Arimea. The ranks of the first order became divided, turned against one another, and their strength died with their brotherhood.

An age later, as the flames of rebellion and war died down, the successors of the once great Order took up the call – not as hunters of the occult this time, but as mercenaries. The second Order fell much as the first had – to dissension and the loss of their stability.

The Claymores didn’t return to their halls until the current age, when Garland, Grand Commander of the Claymores, stumbled upon the ruins of one of their once great barracks. It was then that he founded the Claymore Order and charged them to their current purpose.

The Claymore Code

A Brother on Every Side – Their first and strictest code is actually a cautionary one – no member of the Order ever sets out on a mission alone. In fact, most Factions consist of 3-5 members.

Justice over Prejudice – The mission of the Order is not to incite war, but to prevent it. Though the means by which they act is necessarily violent, it is never without due cause.

No Oaths nor Binds – The life of a Claymore is usually short, and exciting. Because of this, Claymores are not expected to take a vow of celebacy or abstinence, in fact, many laws that apply to common folk are slackened for members of the Order who may be visiting a town – such as public drunkeness and gambling.

Life as a Claymore

Although life as a Claymore seems to be, on principle, very ordered and bland, the honest truth is that there are many types of people in the Order, and the only real order comes from the chain of command and the completion of missions. No bounds keep the Claymores from wandering the roads of Arimea when not on assignment, so long as the missions that they are sent on are completed in a timely manner. In fact, the better a Claymore is at completing her missions, the more rein she’s given over her outside practices. Some Claymores even have business and half-lives outside the order’s walls, known by their superiors or otherwise.

The Claymore compound itself is not a bad place to live. Many of the Order’s members have lived all their lives within the walls. Those too old or crippled to fight have opened up shops and armories to keep the others well-equipped. Each of the four Claymore outposts has their own little market places.

To wear the Claymore sigil is a great honor, and there are many who look up to and admire the courage and purpose of the Claymores. They open their gates when not in times of crisis, and allow passersby to visit their market places and tour some of their grounds. This interaction helps to build a worthwhile relationship with the common folk, while increasing the internal revenue of the Order itself. After all – defending the common liberty is not cheap…

Claymore Watchholds

There are Four Claymore Garrisons or “watchholds” in Arimea, and one on the edge of the Free Realms. Each is a little different, with different values and different kinds of missions, but they all report to the same man, and they all share the same brotherhood.

River Watch

River Watch bridges the River Whitefoam, with an entrance on either side. One of the most traversed merchant roads, Old Kings Highway, runs through the watch, and many merchants come through to sell their wares to the roughened, but cultured, Claymores that garrison here. Patroned by the rich house Orvel, River Watch is the most finely furnished and highly populated Watch in the realm.

Black Watch

Black Watch sits precariously in the marshes of Fellwind province. It rains a lot here, and some associated claymores call it “Blackfish Pond” The claymores raised within its walls are known to be brigands and bastards; treading the line between Claymore and Highwayman very thinly. Still, they honor their kindred, and their Cordon Damon Garrish has always come to Garland’s aid when matters come down to it.

Woodhallow Watch

Woodhallow is a small garrison, comprised mostly of Elves, Gnomes, and other tree-loving creatures. They patrol the upper regions of Adrelani with stealth and cunning, and take their jobs very seriously. Most of the Woodhallow Claymores live in the Watch’s Garrison, dedicating most of their time to protecting their home from whatever adversaries might come.

Lightspire Watch

Rising high above the low, flat lands of Ashmoor, Lightspire was once a monastery dedicated to old gods now long forgotten. The Grounds still support many Claymores who are dedicated to personal discipline and rigorous training. Warriors come from all around Ashmoor and other places in the world to take part in the grand fighting tournaments that the Ashmoor Watch hosts. All the best warriors of the time have visited the Watchhold, and prevailed.


Southwatch is a small, independent garrison that lightly patrols and separates life in the north from life in the wilds south of fellwind. They aren’t an extremely active group as far as most Claymores are concerned, but the truth of the matter is that few Claymores know what goes on South of the Watchhold, and fewer care. Their official task is to keep the northern watches apprised of any unforeseen enemies south of fellwind, but it has happened so seldom that Southwatch has fallen into independence and is not held accountable. Few in the northern Watchholds is bothered by it’s silence.


Ballad of the Claymores Firion