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The Job

More or less. You and your fellows belong to an order called the Claymores. It’s an old name, with an even older story. That story is long, eventful, and requires more time than we have here to tell. What you need to know is that your job is keeping the dragons in check.
Dragons and their offspring, the half-dragons, have lived among us as equals for the past age, but they are not all happy about it. Some dragons, like some humans, desire power over others, wealth, and prestige, and are willing to walk over others to do so.

The Claymores stand in their way.

Being a Claymore

Some Choose to join the Claymore order, others are brought as orphans and trained into adulthood. On rare occasions, youths are sold to the order by indebted parents. Children raised by the Claymores are called Youngbloods. When they reach 15 years of age, Youngbloods have the option to become Devout members of the Claymore order, or to become Vagrants. Devout Claymores mostly keep to the walls of a Claymore citadel, learning and teaching others. Vagrant Claymores are sent out on missions as the order sees fit. A small portion of Youngbloods choose to become Deserters, exiled by the Order without any resources or possessions. Deserters are looked down upon by many within the Order, but it is not a true crime, and there is no substantial punishment, so long as the Desertion takes place in the 15th year when the Youngbloods choose their path.

You and your friends are Vagrant Claymores, sent out to do the work of the order, by the whim of the order.

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