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Will to Keep Going

Sometimes, when a creature of particularly strong willpower reaches the end of their life, that will continues on in the form of an Eidolon. They become a symbol, the very embodiment of the beliefs they held in life, with no purpose beyond continuing their own pursuits. Eidolons are the closest thing the world of Arimea has to deities. The older an Eidolon becomes, the more power they wield. They draw energy from those who believe in them, and who share their pursuits and beliefs.

Encountering Eidolons

Unlike lofty gods and goddesses who spend their time passing judgement and making new little gods and goddesses, Eidolons are active and seek out those who they feel share their powerful will and who are similarly aligned. Stories of Eidolons making appearances to great heroes of old abound in the libraries and oral traditions of the world. In time, these stories created the religion that is Eidolon worship.

Eidolon pacts

Eidolons, at rare points in history, have been known to make pacts with creatures on the mortal plane. Each Eidolon holds only one pact at a time, which makes it a very sacred union. The Eidolon draws energy from the will of the mortal, and the mortal gains the ability to summon an aspect of the Eidolon into battle.


There are reports of several Eidolons, but it’s hard to sort myth from fact in relation to which Eidolons are real and which are not. This is a list of the most influential Eidolons through history, and will be added to as/if the party encounters more.


The “Mother of Eidolons” she is sometimes referred to, Siira is a maternal protector of natural beauty and tranquility. She stands for beauty, protection, and friendship. Siira’s story is a simple one, She was tasked with the protection of a small rural village in life, but failed to protect it. Her will to provide safety to those less powerful than herself caused her to become an Eidolon of peace and protection.


Rei is the oldest recorded Eidolon, with a life of over 10,000 years. He is a majestic Coatl, large and colorful, but also powerful. His deeds and his creed are ingrained in the story of the Prism Sect that worship him. He is as he has always been, a powerful a vicious exacter of justice, seeking the perfect law that governs all persons without failure. His followers believe in the presence of Truth in the concept of a perfect law, and seek a perfect mortal union of Morality and Law.


tumblr_n34qr7LKnT1t8junlo1_500.jpg Luna is the “Keeper of Souls” and watcher over the Veil, the ethereal juction between life and rebirth. Souls arrive at the Veil to await their rebirth into the mortal plane, therein they are wiped of all their earthly stain and made innocent again for the next life they are meant to live. Unlike many other Eidolons, Luna’s history and creed are largely unknown. She is an enigma, must as the office of death is a mystery. Because of this, many people fear Luna as they fear death.


Titan is the embodiment of domination and war, but also of honor and pride. His tale is a simple one, he was a powerful warrior, built for combat, and after death the will of the soldier continued to fight, and an Eidolon was brought into existence. Titan’s followers are warriors and sellswords who live and die by the blade.


Bryonne was a Banshee, but unlike other Banshees who lamented at calling for the dead, Bryonne reveled in it. so much so that in her death, her will to call out the deaths of the living lived on in the form of an Eidolon. Bryonne has become an icon for death itself, and her followers, Umbra Sumus, a ruthless and deadly silent sect of assassins. They operate in such secrecy and stealth that few believe them to be much more than a myth.


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