Lain's Musings


Willow Manor, in the heart of Illiria

Lain sat at his oakwood desk, finely crafted as any young prince’s belongings should be, and considered the letter he’d just sent to oldwood. His missives had a tendency to be moved quickly, but that was because his “Little feet” were quite good at their jobs. He thought about Tailos, the lost brother he’d never known, but had always hoped to. There were others as well. Others who had never known the life of luxury that he’d always known. That wasn’t to say that his life didn’t have it’s own ups and downs, he had to admit that lately it wasn’t the best of days.

He heard coughing again from the room next door. His father’s room. He rose to answer it, but the door to his room was closed. He didn’t say anything, he knew who it was that closed his door. He could hear Ladrus’s voice trying to sooth his father. A look of pained irritation washed over Lain’s face as he stood by his chair in the dim light that was cast by the Nightfire lamp in his room. He wanted to throw open the door and run to his fathers side. He wanted to accusingly confront the dragon who was so obviously placing himself as the most important person in his Lord Father’s life.

But he knew now was not the time. Instead he sat down at his table, and rested his head in his palm. “I hope to the Stars above that you can help me, Tailos.”

Lain's Musings

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