Tome of Souls


The Tome of Souls is a spell book from the plane of The Veil, which allows the user to casts spell-effects which manipulate the spiritual essence of themselves and at higher levels, other creatures.

0th level spells

Know Spirit
Target: 30ft Radius +5ft/Level (max 50ft)
duration: 1 minute/Level
For the duration of this spell, you know the location (relative to you) of all creatures with souls in the immediate area. You also know those creatures’ alignments, ages, and disposition toward you.

Spirit Cleanse
Target: Self
Duration: 1 round/Level (Max 5)
For a few moments, you cleanse your spirit of all earthly afflictions. While this spell is in effect, your alignment is changed to Neutral for the purposes of casting and resisting spell-effects, and barriers.

1st Level Spells

Target: creature touched
Duration: 1 minute/Level (see text)
Save: Will negates (harmless)
A creature influenced with this ability becomes acutely aware of their spirit, and life force. If the target of this spell is reduced to 0 or less Hit points while under the effects of this spell, they can remain standing rather than fall unconscious. In addition, Any damage they receive will not take effect until the spell’s duration has ended. Once the target’s HP has fallen below 0, the effect keeps them standing for a number of Rounds equal to your Charisma score. If their HP is not recovered by the time the spell ends, the damage that they would have taken is dealt normally. It is possible to die from this effect.

Safe Haven
Target: Self
Duration: See Text
This Spell creates a Safe Haven, a way point to Anchor your soul. choose a location with which you are familiar, and that location will become your soul’s tether to the material plane. While in Spirit form, you will always know where you are in location to your Safe Haven. This spell may be important to other spells you cast in the future as well. You may only have one Safe Haven at a time, and your safe haven remains intact until you cast this spell a second time, or until it is dismissed.

The Other Side
Target: Self
Duration: 1 round/2 levels
This spell allows for very close range astral projection. Your spirit leaves your body and travels up to 15ft away. During this astral projection your spirit self can pass through doors, walls, and other material obstructions.

2nd Level Spells

Mind, Body, Spirit
Target: Self
Duration: 1 hour/level *See Text
This Spell allows the user to replenish Hit Points by meditating. For this ability to work, you must have an active Safe Haven. Upon casting the spell, your soul leaves your body and travels to it’s Safe Haven. While you are in the spirit plane, your body draws life force from the astral plane in the form of 1d8 of recovered Hit Points per hour. If your body is disturbed during the meditation, the spell ends.

Akashic Field
Target: Self
Duration: instantaneous
You call on the akashic knowledge of the astral plane, searching for information on a specific topic. You gain a +20 bonus on your next Knowledge check.

3rd Level Spells

Spirit Block
Target: Creature touched
Save: Will partial
This spell forces the target’s soul to leave it’s body for a moment, causing the target to lose it’s next action. The target must also make a will save or take 1d3 points of Charisma damage.

Soul Siphon
Target: creature within 30ft
Duration: 1 round/Level
Save: Will negates
Select one enemy creature within 30ft. If the target fails their will save, this spell deals 1d6 points of damage each round, while restoring 1d6 points of health to the castor.

Tome of Souls

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