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Arimea is a medieval setting, with simple wood and thatched houses, stone castles and temples, and cobblestone roads joining most of the major cities, and some of the minor ones. The entire lattice of roads is actually very impressive for the time period.

Dragons and Society

Dragons are as much misunderstood as any other creature. For much of our existence we believed that a dragon’s disposition relied solely on it’s type. Gold Dragons are good, Black Dragons are bad, etc… We discovered, however, that Dragons, much like humans and other creatures, are molded by their upbringing and by their environment as much as by their nature. Most Black Dragons are Evil, but some are not, and most have learned to live within the bounds of society for their own benefit – at least during the day.

As citizens, Dragons are almost as commonplaces as people are. They live and work in many cities alongside humans, elves, and dwarfs. They live longer lives, and often amass greater fortune and status than most humans, but in general, they are as subject to the ebb and flow of everyday life as we are.

That being said, there are villains in every race, and dragons are no different. Dragons are powerful and potentially very destructive, and it takes a lot to rein in an old dragon who has gone rogue.

This is where the Claymores came in. The Claymores were established not as a deterrent against all dragonkind, but as a bulwark against those dragons who were not satisfied with the equality and acceptance that the world’s society demanded. But be that as it may, there are still many members of the Claymores who hold prejudice against dragonkind, and whose sword arms itch for the chance to slay a Dragon.

It is important to note, however, that even though Dragons are not permitted to join the Claymores (for obvious reasons), That there are and have been Half-Dragon members among their ranks.

Wealth and Currency

The currency of Arimea takes the form of Gold pieces shaped like Dragon Scales. They are called “Scales,” rather fittingly. These Scales are made in Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper, and are converted as described in the players handbook.

In terms of wealth, a Silver scale is roughly equivalent to what you would call a Dollar. A Copper scale is worth 1/10th of a Silver scale, making it a Dime. A Gold Scale is worth 10 Silver, and a Platinum is worth 100 Gold.

Four Corners of the World

There are many holds in the land of Arimea that hold power and wealth, but their are four that are much more powerful and influential than any other. These Houses remain in balance through sheer diplomacy and have survived the threat of war only by the threat of financial loss. Their peace is shaky, but very much intact…for the time being.

Each of the four Houses controls a larger Province, which contains several smaller holds which are patron to the greater House that governs their province. These provincial alliances are mostly politically fruitful, and most Holds within each of the provinces is left to their own devices in large part.

Each Province’s Patron House is granted a [i]Throne[/i] wherein sits the Lord of that province. These Lords, from the four great houses or Arimea, make up the Great Court, which is called together only for the most dire circumstances where the fate or rule of all Arimea comes into question.

Orvel Province

Orvel is the largest house in Arimea, tracing their lineage back to the times of the first Claymores. Orvel’s lands extend across most of the western seaside of Arimea, and make Orvel one of the most profitable provinces by means of Commerce. They also control a sizable Armada that control the bodies of water that they do not directly occupy.

Being a member of an Orvel house guarantees wealth and prosperity, but it also diminishes the capacity for political advancement, as there are several in line for the “Throne of Gold” that sits high in the coastal mountains of Orvel.

Provincial Sigil: Phoenix
Patron Dragon: Orgyl the Just – Gold Dragon

Influential Orvel Houses

Fellwind Province

Where Orvel controls the waters of the Western shore of Arimea, Fellwind controls the marshlands and large gulf of Greycaste. The narrow passage through to many southern coastal cities is called the Grey Pass, and is controlled directly by House Fellwind. No creature enters the waters of Greycaste without their knowledge.

Fellwind is a harsh place to live for many, with a high population of dragons and a very loose ruling on the treatment of humans by dragons, there is much abuse and ill sentiment in this small but dangerous Province. It is a den of thieves, liars, and the dark arts. So repulsive and wild is the nature of the province, that there are areas of the region which even Claymores are forbidden to enter. These lawless “Lost Grounds” are left blank on many maps and are feared by many both in and outside of Fellwind.

Provincial Sigil: Black Widow
Patron Dragon: Vush Boneeater – Black Dragon

Influential Fellwind Houses

Province of Ashmoor

Ashmoor, controlled by the House of Corde, is a harsh environment to the east of Arimea. Much of this province is Desert lands, and their tough environment has made it’s people strong out of necessity. The people of Ashmoor value respect and honor, but most of all, they value battle and strength. Possession is literally the law here. Your claim on your possessions only goes as far as you are willing to go to keep them.

Many myths and legends have been spun about people who come from the weathered lands of Ashmoor – most of them are true.

Provincial Sigil: Scorpion
Patron Dragon: Argyle the Fleet – Brass Dragon

Influential Ashmoor Houses


The Province of Adrelani is the second largest province in Arimea, and consists of many of the realm’s woods and forests, thinning out into warm flatlands where it overlaps with Ashmoor to the east, and thickening into deep marshes where it meets Fellwind to the south. In the center of Adrelani is the great rainforest of Iifa, the original Elvish homeland.

Adrelani, for all it’s size, is not as highly populated as many other areas. Much of the lands are still very wild and unexplored. Life was said to have sprung from these deep forests. The inhabitants of Adrelani have a deep respect for the lands that ward them, and the woods are said to keep watch over those who do right by them.

Provincial Sigil: Anaconda
Patron Dragon: Greenback Mott – Green Dragon

Influential Adrelani Houses


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